Caspani Tino

At The Door Expo it is our policy to bring our clientele luxury. Over the past 15 years we have been able to offer our customers quality european exterior, interior, and sliding doors, now we look to add Quality Made Italian furniture to our collection. 
Due to a series of fortunate events we have the pleasure of partnering with Caspani Tino. A company who promises their collections are the essence of Lifestyle, Emotion and Colour. Their furniture will bring a touch of art, originality and fashion to any home.
To truly experience the beauty of Caspani TIno our New York showroom will have pieces on display.  






MADE IN ITALY is affixed on each item, thus protecting our collections from counterfeiters' imitation attempts and giving You the warranty of an authentic and original brand product. 

Diversification allows us to rationalize work and therefore costs, to exploit the synergies among different production centres, and to offer the opportunity to our customers 

The company was founded some decades ago by Mr. Caspani who, after several and important experiences in furniture field, wanted to dedicate his knowledge to classic style


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